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While I have come to appreciate my Past, and to Love most of my life and who I have become, I sometimes wonder what my life would have looked like if I had learned to Love mySelf sooner.  What decisions might I have made?  What would I have allowed myself to receive?  Who would I have allowed myself to become?  Who would I have allowed myself to love and to love me back?


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Denise deLorean, CCBP, CECP


As an Artist and life-long student of Consciousness, uncovering the deeper meaning and beauty has guided my life as far back as I can remember, always bringing me back to my True Self during difficult times.  I believe we each have a greater purpose for which our life prepares us, specific ways in which we are designed to impact others and further beautify the world.  Our unique experiences, while preparing us for a greater purpose, also shaped our Self Identity in wonderful and not-so-wonderful ways.

The first time I saw the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I recall weeping when Quasimodo leaped from the Bell Tower crying “Why did God make me so ugly“?  I wept for him because I could see his beautiful Soul, and I continued to cry as I realized how much I identified with him.  But seeing my own beautiful Soul was not nearly as easy.  I felt ugly, repulsive… I hated myself.  Although I would not consciously take my life, I did un-consciously chip away at it, slowly destroying it through self-destructive, self-sabotaging behavior that damaged my health and my life.

My Bell Tower was my own precious body.  In my late teens – early twenties, I developed a debilitating eating disorder that robbed me of two decades of my youth.  An obsession with food and weight controlled my every thought and action.  Topping off at a violent 201 lbs, I destroyed the one remaining thing about myself I believed was lovable, or at least desirable.  My body had become a prison I could not escape.  It provided a much needed sanctuary, but without the benefit of any peace or real safety.  I desperately wanted someone to rescue me… and eventually, I did.

Looking back, I am able to see that my weight was a subconscious strategy conjured by my young mind to keep me safe,  I made my body unattractive so no one could get close enough to really see me, or hurt me.  It was a protective strategy that resulted from the ill-intended mantra, “No one will ever love you once they see your true colors” (the dagger that pierced and broke my Heart).  That, combined with illicit behavior on the part of trusted authority figures.    

I now affectionately refer to these wounded aspects and subconscious strategists as the Inner Quasimodo (Quasi-identity) because although it is composed of the Parts of ourSelves we would prefer to hide away in the Bell Tower, these Parts of us are beautiful, wise, and brilliant in their intentions. 

Most of us have an Inner Quasimodo and a Bell Tower that may seem to imprison us by running our life and driving our behavior in ways we would like to change.  With a little help, we are each capable of finding the Pearls within the injuries that redirected the course of our life so we could eventually re-discover our True Self (True Identity) and live our best life, as designed.  


In addition to the in-depth training received while seeking my own healing and development, in the mid-80’s I began acquiring professional certifications from masters in personal development, psychology, NLP, and energy healing.  My diverse background and experience culminated in the creation of Quantum Heart Alignment™ a unique application of Energy Healing and Introspective Coaching™ that utilizes your Full Consciousness to support healing of the Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit.   


♥  Empyrean Self Mastery [1985 to 1987]  –  Rebirthing (breathwork) and Family-of-Origin Therapies

♥  Clearing Toxic Emotions *  [2014]  –  Core Emotional Healing and Relationship Patterns

♥  Quantum Success Coaching Academy[2015]  – Abundance through the Law of Attraction (Abraham-Esther Hicks)

♥  Inner Harmony [2016]  –  Inner Parts Work and Voice Dialogue (Healing Childhood Trauma)

♥  Clear Beliefs Coaching *  [2017 & 2021]  –  a Diverse, ICF-accredited System of Trauma-informed Therapeutic Coaching  

♥  Emotion Code * / Body Code [2018]  –  Energy Therapies for the Emotional and Physical Bodies

♥  Advanced Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) [2019] – Energy Clearing through Researching the Akashic [Soul] Records

♥  Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) [2019]  – Energy Therapy with a focus on off-body Physical Alignment

♥  Core Transformation [2021]  –  Inner Parts Work and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

♥  Quantum Healing *  [2022]  –  Application of Light Frequency for Accelerated Healing


Working with Denise has given me back my future! 

I have seldom encountered in therapists and coaches Denise’s depth of vision and understanding of psychology.   Her gentleness and wisdom made it easy for me to trust her and open up to significant aspects of myself that were overlooked by other counselors.

I felt safe and nurtured in her presence, especially the vulnerable parts of myself that I thought were ugly and bad… the sad, angry, disowned parts of myself that have been blocking me for decades.  She helped me to uncover the deeper purpose beneath the blocks that were driving my sabotaging behavior.

Denise has given me back my future!  I had lost hope of truly experiencing what I want in life and now I know I can actually have it.

I highly recommend Denise to anyone looking to dissolve their long-standing internal blockages so you are free to live your life consciously and confidently!

Elizabeth Sabet, PCC, ACSLC

Founder and CEO of The Institute of Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching

Give YourSelf  the Love you Deserve!

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