Clear Beliefs Method

Our BELIEFS control our bodies, our minds, and thus our Lives.   

                                                                ∼ Dr. Bruce Lipton                         

Clear Beliefs Method

The Clear Beliefs Method is a set of integrated techniques that allow access into the Subconscious Mind to eliminate the negative Beliefs and Programs that help create your reality and interfere with your happiness, productivity, relationships… or any part of your Life.  It gently exposes the actual cause of the difficulties and enables complete freedom and wellbeing.  CBM is a powerful combination of neuroscience, positive psychology, somatic awareness, guided imagery, and dialogue with Inner Parts.  It offers the most comprehensive collection of tools to directly and effectively communicate with your Subconscious Mind, keeper of all your experiences – Past, Present, and potential Future.    

How it Works

Clear Beliefs Method takes you on a magical journey into the most artistic and creative aspects of the Subconscious Mind and exposes the treasures hidden in the shadows.  These discoveries may lead you to feel immediate and palpable relief after a session.  Many say their world appears brighter, more open, and filled with new possibilities.  When you change a Belief at the core of your psyche, your experience of reality changes, too… immediately.  You see yourSelf differently.  You see the world differently.  You feel different and differently.  You are fundamentally transformed.  The process can be FUN, deeply revealing, richly rewarding, sometimes emotional, and almost always full of wonderful SURPRISES!   

How Clear Beliefs Method can Help   

  Effectively clear limiting, diminishing, and so-called negative Beliefs and Reclaim Your Future!  

  Free youSelf from the CHILDHOOD TRAUMAS that mis-shaped your Identity and continue to cloud your point of view.

  Uncover and Resolve LONGSTANDING PATTERNS that subconsciously drive your decisions and behaviors.

  Cut ENERGETIC CORDS that bind you to others and to the PAST so you are free to move forward with Grace and Power.   

  GIVE BACK the Beliefs, Emotions, and Untruths that never belonged to you.

  Create NEW BELIEFS that Empower you to live in the Magnificence and Radiance of your TRUE SELF