Clearing Toxic Emotions




The real challenge for the individual is to practice evolution, to learn the lessons of the old stories so we no longer need to repeat them.  The world will change from the inside out

                                                                          ∼  Bruce Lipton             






Clearing Toxic Emotions

While some of the Methods used in Quantum Heart Alignment™ bypass the Story, CTE fully utilizes your story and narrative to help you find resolution and freedom from your Past.  Unresolved hurts and regrets from the Past will continue to hijack your memories causing you to feel victimized, blame others, and withhold your love and forgiveness.  Toxic Emotions in and of themselves are not bad, and having them doesn’t mean anything about you.  However, the energy or frequency of these Emotions can do harm to both your Health and Relationships. 

CTE gently brings to Light the underlying Patterns and Emotions that are unconsciously running you so you may, once and for all, feel complete with your Past and forgive the ones you believe harmed you.  These Patterns most often originate in our relationship with our parents and caregivers.  Then, they permeate subsequent Relationships with other family members, friends, coworkers, teachers, authorities, and even your Relationships with money, your body, and your concept of God… literally everything!  Most of all, these persistent Patterns affect the Relationship you are having with yourSelf.  


How it Works

Toxic Emotions resulting from past traumas, heartbreaks, and emotional wounding will live on and on, affecting all of the Relationships referenced above.  Toxic Emotions are not only the result of critical life events.  They can also be transferred to us through our DNA from the trauma experienced by our ancestors.  We then pass the unresolved trauma to our descendants through our own DNA.  Until these Emotions are cleared, we will continue to resonate their vibration into the world around us.  This creates a type of feedback loop that causes us to repeat unwanted patterns.  It can also become fertile soil for illness and dis-ease. 

The Clearing Toxic Emotions process transforms the pain of the past into understanding, compassion, and empowerment.  By properly clearing your toxic emotions, your memories will lose their emotional charge.  You will no longer re-create the same experiences over and over.  Your body will be free of the negative energies that can lead to pain and dis-ease.  And, your behavior will no longer feel driven by some mysterious force within you.  Clearing the Toxic Emotions left behind from Past Relationships will support you in all of your Relationships, now and in the future!