Dare to Love yourSelf as if you were a rainbow with Gold at both ends!  

                                                                         ∼ Aberjhani  

Coaching Packages are optional.  They are intended to help you by offering ‘packages’ of sessions at an hourly discount.  You may also pay upon completion of each session based on the full hourly rate in which case I will forward a PayPal Statement or you may use Zelle.  

How it works 

 ♥ You are essentially purchasing a package of time for Individual Sessions.

 ♥  The more time purchased, the lower the hourly rate becomes for you.

 ♥  As time is used, the appropriate amount will be deducted based on the reduced hourly rate of the package. 

 ♥  Package Balances are non-refundable (but are transferable) and must be used within 6 months of purchase. 

What’s Included in a 1-on-1 Session

Energy Healing Sessions may include ONE or ALL of the Energy Healing methods:  Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, Emotion Code, and the Body Code.   

Introspective Coaching Sessions may include Energy Healing but will focus primarily on the deeper layers of the Psyche, working with your memories and experiences (conscious and subconscious) to transform limiting beliefs, trauma, emotions, and patterns of behavior.   

The ideal approach is to flow between the two methods as directed by High Self.      


Coaching Packages are based on my current hourly rates –  $130 for Energy Clearing  /  $165 for Introspective Coaching.  

A Session may range from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  

 ♥  Recommended First Session for Everyone – 2 hr Kick Start Energy Clearing – reduced rate of $225


Initial 2 hr Energy Clearing

3 hrs @ $355 (save $35)

6 hrs @ $680 (save $100)

12 hrs @ $1310 (save $250)


6 hrs @ $870 (save $120)

12 hrs @ $1680 (save $300)

24 hrs @ $3240 (save $720)

    Reminder – Coaching Packages must be used within 6 months from date of purchase.

Sessions may be conductedIn Person at my office, by Phone or Zoom, or Remotely (energy clearings only) in which case a recording will be forwarded to you.  Sessions are CONFIDENTIAL and begin at the scheduled time.