A Synergy of Energy Healing and Introspective Coaching™

FORGIVE MOM and DAD for they knew not what they did!

Most of our parents were hurt children doing their best to raise their children

Our relationship with our parents (and caregivers) is the most fundamental relationship we may ever have in that it shaped our very identity, our Quasi-Identity (not who we truly are, but who we came to believe we are).  

This program is not about making anyone wrong.  On the contrary, it is about healing, forgiving, and thriving in your life as your True Self.   

Forgive Mom and Dad is a prerequisite to Fall in Love with your True Colors. 



Uncover the Beauty within the musty Bell Tower of your Past and free yourSelf from the hurts, regrets, and memories that continue to hold you captive.  The Inner Sanctuary of your True Self awaits!

You are not your Past, you have a Past and although your memories may never go away, they can absolutely lose the grip they seem to have on you.  As we explore your memories and the Hidden Messages that lie within them, you will become ever free from the beliefs, emotions, and unconscious strategies that have been driving you… so you no longer identify yourSelf through the lens of your Past.  


FALL IN LOVE with YOUR TRUE COLORS… including those Pesky Shades of Gray 

Learn to see yourSelf through the unconditional eyes of your True Self.

The Relationship you are having with yourSelf is at the Heart of ALL other Relationships – your relationship with others, with your body and its health,  even with money!  Sadly for most of us, this precious relationship was formed around shame, false beliefs, and mistaken conclusions such as I am not enough, there is something wrong with me, and I’m not lovable, to name a few.

Healing your relationship with yourSelf will ultimately mend your relationship with everything!  

Emotional Eating


Stop the Merry-go-round of Emotional Eating and Addiction  

This program is for those who know that their persistent weight is about something other than diet and exercise.  As an Emotional Eater, your weight is not the problem, it is a protective strategy and a symptom of something not yet resolved within you.   

This program will help you to uncover the hidden reasons that drive your behavior as you work specifically with the Parts of yourSelf that are hiding, but desperately want to be seen and Loved.    



Highly Customized Coaching with Perks!

For those who would like to receive more personalized or concentrated support. 

These are highly customized Healing and Coaching sessions designed to meet your individual preferences, priorities, and needs to get the results you desire more quickly with attention that goes beyond your scheduled sessions. 

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Multiple Sessions offered at a Discount

Healing & Coaching Packages are optional and apply to Single Sessions only.  They do not apply to Coaching Programs.  

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