Core Transformation


I was left with a deep sense of compassion and love for myself which I have never felt before.” 

                                                        ∼ Catherine  

Core Transformation

Based on the pioneering work of Connirae Andreas, Core Transformation is a breakthrough personal change process in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology, and Spirituality.  It is an engaging, enlightening process that works from the inside out to gracefully change unwanted behaviors, habits, feelings, and responses to help you achieve goals you thought unattainable.  It literally dissolves and unravels self-defeating limitations and deeply entrenched problems without the practice of willpower, discipline, or positive thinking that are often part of many self-help methods.  

Because every Part of yourSelf was created by you with good intent, every Part of you has a Positive Purpose, even if it appears to be causing you difficulty or harm.  Core Transformation helps the troubled Parts of you to find the “Core State” they are actually seeking when you unconsciously resort to ineffective and sometimes damaging strategies that no longer serve you; but, even self-defeating behaviors may have been useful when you originally learned them.  Core Transformation will gently guide you in discovering those Positive Intentions, leading to an experience of understanding where awareness and change occur naturally. 

How it Works 

We simply start with something you would like to change about yourSelf or your life.  Then we find and engage with the unconscious Part or Parts of you that are generating the unwanted feeling, behavior, or condition to discover what it wants and help it arrive at its desired Core State. 

It is possible to change without trying to get-rid-of or make any Part of you bad or wrong.  Again, every Part of you has a Positive Purpose and Intent.  After Core Transformation, people often feel a solid and unshakable Positive sense of who they really are, even in the most difficult situations.  Everything we don’t like about ourselves can lead us to a profound Gift within!  

How it Can Help – specific changes attributed to the Core Transformation process:

  Transforming and healing Difficult Emotions such as Anxiety, Anger, Hurt, Overwhelm, Fear, Grief,  Guilt, Shame,                              Embarrassment… and more

  Changing Unwanted Habits and behavior such as nail-biting, smoking, procrastination, isolation, hiding, binge-watching,                 negative self talk, obsessive buying and spending, and self-sabotage

♥  Emotional Eating and Weight Loss (and other addictive behaviors)

  Mending Relationships

  Relieving Chronic Pain and other physical conditions

  Addressing Trauma and Abuse

  Overcoming Depression

  Blocks to Career Advances