Energy Healing and Soul Clearing

People have Energy Clearings for many reasons   

You may be feeling distressed or in pain physically, emotionally, financially, or in your relationships.  Or you may want help and more ease with your personal growth and expansion.  Most just want to feel better and do better but haven’t been able to get to the heart of whatever seems to be interfering and blocking them in a specific area of life.  


QHA Energy Clearings integrate several modalities for optimal results:  Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring, The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and Quantum HealingEach has a specific purpose and function making for a complete, powerful, Holistic Healing System to transform the landscape of your inner and outer life.  Clearings enable us to tap into the Akashic (Soul) Records where everything you have ever experienced is stored in the layers of your Consciousness and can be accessed for your greatest good and healing.  We are able to find and resolve things that are not easily found with traditional therapy and coaching.   


QHA Energy Clearings involve a unique style of Intuitive Inquiry and Dowsing High-Energy Charts to bypass the psyche and communicate more deeply and directly with your Super-Conscious and Subconscious Minds to quickly Research the Past and uncover the Root Causes of longstanding patterns, programs, conditions, and energies that have been preventing you from achieving your fullest potential and wellbeing.  Once the unconscious (hidden) programs, imbalances, and discordant energies are brought to Light, they can be released and realigned with the healing frequency of Love, thus restoring balance, flow, and harmony to your life.  The goal is to return to a state of Divine Neutrality where all things are possible.    

Mysterious or quirky as it may sound, the Clearings have helped many people with numerous concerns.  The process has been described as fun, intriguing, amazing, spectacular, and miraculous!


Types of Clearings & how Clearings have helped others

♥  Blocks to Prosperity and Success – Lack in general is often rooted in subconscious beliefs and feelings of unworthiness, self-punishment, self-sabotage, loss, failure, and even long-forgotten vows to poverty and suffering.  It may even originate from  Ancestral Trauma Patterns passed down via our DNA or Soul Trauma from a Past Life event.  I have not yet done a Prosperity Clearing without seeing a noticeable improvement in the flow of clients to my business, or resources from unexpected places.”  Diane L., AZ

♥  Relationships – Requests for clarity surrounding Relationships are common, whether romantic in nature, familial, friendships, or related to business.  It is possible to uncover and clear the Programs, Patterns, and Agreements that may be unconsciously driving a relationship.  If you are in conflict with someone or feel emotionally bound to past relationships that did not end well, there may be Heart Vows, Energetic Heart Walls, or even Past Life Agreements to learn specific lessons together in this lifetime.  Clearings do not remove our opportunities to learn; they remove the resistance and unnecessary suffering that make the learning difficult.  Finding a soul connection may be very helpful in resolving conflicts and creating a better understanding of the people in our lives, however, experience has shown me that people benefit the most from a combination of Energy Clearings and Introspective Coaching.  

♥  Health Challenges – It is common knowledge that symptoms of physical dis-ease and pain may be caused by low-frequency Energies from limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions that got stuck in the physical body and it’s Energetic Field.  Psychic Wounds, Ancestral Trauma (DNA), and Discordant Energies carried into this lifetime from the past can also cause interference and imbalances that can manifest as physical dis-ease.  QHA Energy Clearings can help to move and re-move the stuck energies so your body can restore itself to its natural state of alignment and wholeness.     

♥  Addictive Behavior / Self Destructive Patterns / Phobias – most of us are addicted to or afraid of something for varied and complex reasons.  The causes may be rooted in your DNA (genetics), learned behavior, avoidance tactics, unconscious survival strategies, and influences from past experiences that are coming to Light for healing and completion.  If you struggle with addiction, an Energy Clearing may help to ‘loosen the grip’ it seems to have on you and your life.         

♥  Pets – Animal Clearings are an effective way to help our animals and to understand what they need, especially if they have an unknown or traumatic past.  Pets can be susceptible to the emotions and Energies of those around them; it is not uncommon for their physical conditions to mirror that of their owners/caregivers.  Clearings can help with appetite, aggressive behavior, excessive barking, melancholy, distress, trauma, and dis-ease.  

♥  Property and Physical Spaces – Clearing Negative Energies that have accumulated over time in your home, office, and the Land it is located on can have a profound and noticeable effect.  Perhaps an area of your home or office feels depressing or uncomfortable, or you may have difficulty selling your home or getting your business ‘off the ground’.  These situations may improve immediately by Clearing the accumulated energies that have been “left behind” or “intentionally placed” by those who came before you.  The Energy of the Space is Cleared and restored to once again work in alignment with the highest and greatest good for all concerned.

 Family Tree Clearing – These sessions meticulously Clear you, your family members, ancestors, and descendants from generations of Trauma and negative imprints, programs, familial patterns, and whatever your Soul has stored in the name of Loyalty to your Ancestors and Family Lineage (as it relates to your specific ‘issue’).  As the Trauma Imprints are Cleared, you will become free of the Ancestral Entanglements that bind you to the Past while becoming more open and receptive to the benefit of the extraordinary Gifts passed on by your ancestors… including the miraculous Gift of your own Life!


To Schedule an Energy Clearing or Complimentary Consultation

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After the Initial 90 to 120-minute Clearing, subsequent Clearings generally range from 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending upon the area or areas being Cleared and your depth of questions.    Clearings are $225 per session.   

SESSION PACKAGES are available if you would like to purchase a series of sessions at a reduced rate.

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