Introspective Coaching™

Introspective Coaching™ is a reflective, Heart-centered method of coaching that liberates and empowers you by engaging with the Infinite Intelligence within you.  This Intelligence will guide you, inform you, and restore you to the version of yourSelf you were designed to be… your True SelfYou are, and always have been, your True Self.   But early in your development, traumatic experiences caused you to believe and see yourSelf otherwise.  As a result, dis-integration began to occur and a false identity began to form, affectionately referred to throughout this site as your Inner-Quasimodo, or Quasi-Identity.  It happens to everyone – you are not an exception, you are exceptional! 

Though your Quasi-identity emerged from trauma, it was created with positive intent and brilliant purpose – to protect you and keep you alive.  It has done its job well, however, having been created by the immature mind of an innocent child, its protective strategies no longer serve you as an adult.  But your Inner-Quasi does not yet know this, so it keeps doing what once worked, still with positive intent but often negative and harmful consequences!  Your Inner-Quasimodo is literally running your life, impacting your health and the quality of your relationships!  And it will continue to do so until you become aware of It, and its Gifts, and support it into its Greater Role in your life. 

How It Works  There are Five Core Elements to Introspective Coaching™

 COMPASSIONATE INQUIRY gives you the opportunity to feel unconditionally heard, seen, and understood, perhaps for the  first time, through the sharing of your experiences from the perspective of your Inner-Quasi.  After all, its perception is your Reality!  Here you will re-discover what you really wanted and needed and did not get, while gently releasing the Emotions that keep you stuck on replay.  This is an imperative step in freeing yourSelf from the Past and opening your Heart to the healing and love you deserve.     

Target Outcome: Feeling Acknowledged

 ELEVATED PERSPECTIVE entails expanding your Awareness from Innocent Victim to Enlightened Observer where you will discover and gently extract the Pearls that are buried beneath the scars of injury that have been holding you back.  These Pearls of Truth will reveal the Positive Intended Purpose of your Quasi-Identity, allowing you to soften your Heart and cultivate deeper understanding and compassion for yourSelf and others, and awaken your full potential to create Loving Relationships. 

Target Outcome:  Deeper Understanding and Compassion

 SPIRITUAL INTEGRATION is a term I devised to define the inner-alignment of your Self-Identity Matrix (your Soul, Quasi-Identity, and True Self) so they are working together in harmony for your greatest healing and expression.  This is Self Healing, the return to your True-Identity… your True Self.  Until now you might have been doing to yourSelf what many have learned to do – cancel or exclude the things we don’t like, want, or disagree with.  This not only exacerbates pain and separation, it impedes our healing and creates more of what we don’t want –  inner and outer conflict, struggle, lack, addictive behavior, dis-ease, illness, and so forth.   

Target Outcome:  Wholeness and Completion

 FORGIVENENESS is not a matter of Guilt or Innocence!  It is a byproduct of your own healing – healing your inner trauma, finding the Pearls in what happened and who you really are, liberating yourSelf from the shadows of the Past, and re-entering the Light where you can see yourSelf and others through the unconditional eyes of your True Self.

Target Outcome:  Letting Go, Gratitude, and Freedom

 CLARITY and RE-CREATIONYou have re-viewed the Past, a necessary step to end the unconscious cycle of re-living it.  Now it’s time to Consciously exit the Bell Tower and reclaim your Future.  You are now living from your Inner Light as your True Self, forever empowered to bring into reality the life you deserve while enriching the lives of others.  The world is your oyster and you are one of its many precious Pearls!

Target Outcome:  Claiming your Heart’s Desire and Making a Difference in the World

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Session Packages are available in you would like to purchase a series of sessions at a reduced rate.  The current single-session rate is $225 and ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. 

Coaching Programs are also available.  A Coaching Program is a pre-set number of sessions on a specific topic and includes both Introspective Coaching and Energy Healing.

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