Quantum Heart Alignment ♥

An Evolutionary Path of Self Love, Healing, and Freedom. Rediscover the Beauty in the Masterpiece of your own Life… and Self!

Open Your Heart   ♥   Heal Your Past   ♥   Reclaim Your Future

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Is your True Self trapped in the Bell Tower of your Past?

Your Heart holds the Key 

There is no better time than now to turn the Key, open your Heart, and liberate your IQ… your Inner Quasimodo… the unacceptable, unlovable, unforgivable, imperfect Parts of yourSelf you’ve been blaming, shaming, and maiming for holding you back and sabotaging the life you used to dream about and deserve.

The truth is your Inner Quasi (quasi-identity) wants you to be free to live the life of your dreams and it wants to be included.  Think of it as a Divine Messenger calling out to you, hoping you will see beyond appearances and accept its Gift – the key it is holding close to your Heart until you are ready to set yourSelf free and evolve beyond the longstanding hurts and regrets of the Past that continue to unwittingly run your life and drive your behavior.

Self Love    ♥    Self Healing    ♥    Infinite Possibilities    

Working with Denise has given me back my future!

I have seldom encountered in therapists and coaches Denise’s depth of vision and understanding of psychology.  Her gentleness and wisdom made it easy for me to trust her and open up to significant aspects of myself that were overlooked by other counselors.

I felt safe and nurtured in her presence, especially the vulnerable parts of myself that I thought were ugly and bad… the sad, angry, disowned parts of myself that have been blocking me for decades.  She helped me to uncover the deeper purpose beneath the blocks that were driving my sabotaging behavior.

Denise has given me back my future!  I had lost hope of truly experiencing what I want in life and now I know I can actually have it.

I highly recommend Denise to anyone looking to dissolve their long-standing internal blockages so you are free to live your life consciously and confidently!

Elizabeth Sabet, PCC, ACSLC

Founder and CEO of The Institute of Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching

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My Promise to You

♥  To HONOR your Unique Process and Soul’s Journey

♥  To TRUST the guidance of Innate Intelligence for your greatest healing

♥  To hold a SAFE, COMPASSIONATE, JUDGMENT-FREE space for you

Our BELIEFS control our bodies, our minds,

    and thus our Lives.  

                                                    ∼ Dr. Bruce Lipton

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Dare to Love yourSelf as if you were a       

      rainbow with Gold at both ends!              

                                                                      ∼ Aberjhani  

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