Quantum Heart Alignment

The QHA Method is an elegant blend of Psychology, Spirituality, and Energy Healing for Consciously Evolving Hearts and Minds

Self Love   ♥   Self Healing   ♥   Infinite Possibilities

“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience”

                                                ∼ Pierre Tielhard de Chardin    

Quantum Heart Alignment™ is a purposeful blend of proven Therapeutic Coaching techniques and advanced Energy Healing modalities.  It is designed to connect with your Innate Healing System for Accelerated Healing and Well Being in the most fundamental areas of life – your Health, Relationships, and Success.  Because the QHA Method accesses the full spectrum of Consciousness (Spirit-Emotion-Mind-Body), the most transformative and lasting results are possible and are often immediately noticeable.    


QHA centers around the following ideas and ideals:  

♥  A unifying principle I refer to as Spiritual Integration which is the inner-alignment of your Self-Identity Matrix (your Soul, Quasi-Identity and True Self working together in harmony for your greatest healing and Self expression).  

  The Past is Multi-dimensional.  It includes your Recent Past, Childhood Past, Ancestral Past (DNA), and your Soul’s Past –  all of which shaped your Quasi-Identity.  Your True Self is Constant and unaffected by your Past.  It is who you are when you are fully Present and Aligned with Source. 

  You are a Soul and a Multi-dimensional Human Being.  Therefore, the deepest transformation occurs when every Part of You is included in your Process.   

  Every Part (aspect) of yourSelf was created by You with good intent.  Therefore, every Part of You has a Positive purpose.

  Everything is a form of Energy with a specific Vibration or Resonance.  Energy has Intelligence, or Consciousness.  Therefore, everything is accessible and can be modified, transformed, and restored.

  In the broader concept of Relationship – you are essentially in relationship with everything, and everything is a projection and reflection of the Relationship you are having with and within yourSelf.  This is why QHA focuses on Self Love and Self Healing to effect transformation in both your Inner and Outer worlds.  Healing yourSelf will also help to transform the lives of those around you and elevate Humanity as a whole.  Therefore, Self Love is rooted in Generosity and Highly Elevated Purpose

Some of the Healing Modalities incorporated in the Quantum Heart Alignment™ method are described below.  They work in synergy to uncover, clear, and realign the Energetic Imprints that originated in your Multi-dimensional Past and continue to negatively influence your life. 

Clear Beliefs Method©

The Clear Beliefs Method is a Therapeutic Coaching program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) which sets the highest standards in the professional coaching industry.  Created by Lion Goodman (founder of Clear Beliefs Institute), the Clear Beliefs Method is a powerful combination of neuroscience, positive psychology, somatic awareness, and Inner-Parts Work.  It is composed of integrative techniques that allow access into the Subconscious Mind to permanently eliminate the limiting Beliefs and Programs that create your reality and interfere with your health, happiness, productivity, relationships… or any part of your Life.  The Clear Beliefs Method gently exposes the actual cause of the difficulties and enables complete freedom and wellbeing.    

The Clear Beliefs Method requires no need for storytelling about the past but rather focuses on the belief-layer of the psyche where profound, permanent transformation can occur simply & easily. 


Spiritual Response Therapy & Spiritual Restructuring

SRT and SpR are two powerful Energy Healing systems that work together to Clear and re-Align Energetic Blocks and Imbalances that affect you Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically.  

Spiritual Response Therapy is an energy technology that provides an exacting, virtually painless way of changing the landscape of your inner and outer life.  By working with a comprehensive library of charts designed to research the Subconscious Mind and Akashic (Soul) Records, we are able to quickly discover and release hidden blocks and interference to your health, happiness, and spiritual growth.  SRT uncovers and clears the Energetic Root Cause of the longstanding patterns and programs that have been preventing you from achieving your fullest potential and well being.    


The Emotion Code

Developed by Chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelsen, The Emotion Code is an Energy Healing Method designed to find and release Trapped Emotions and correct the Imbalances and Misalignments that may result in your Body and in your Life.  It has become common knowledge that unresolved and unprocessed E-motions (Energy in Motion) may be an underlying cause of chronic pain and dis-ease.  Once energetic movement and balance are restored, your life and body are optimized to return to homeostasis… a natural state of balance.     

To learn more about The Emotion Code and how it has helped people with their Heart Walls, emotional wellbeing, relationships, physical discomfort, and dis-ease, click on Read More.


Core Transformation

Based on the pioneering work of Connirae Andreas, Core Transformation is a breakthrough personal change process in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology, and Spirituality.  It is an engaging, enlightening process that works from the inside out to gracefully change unwanted behaviors, habits, feelings, and responses to help you achieve goals you thought unattainable.  It literally dissolves and unravels self-defeating limitations and deeply entrenched problems without the  practice of willpower, discipline, or positive thinking that are often part of many self-help methods.  

Core Transformation helps the troubled Parts of you to find the “Core State” they are actually seeking when you unconsciously resort to ineffective and sometimes damaging strategies that no longer serve you.  Everything we don’t like about ourSelves can lead us to a profound Gift within.


Clearing Toxic Emotions

While the Methods above tend to bypass the “Story”, Clearing Toxic Emotions fully utilizes your story and narrative to help you find resolution and freedom from your Past.  Unresolved hurts and regrets from the Past may continue to hijack your memories causing you to feel victimized, blame others, and withhold love and forgiveness.  Toxic Emotions in and of themselves are not bad and having them doesn’t mean anything bad about you.  However, the energy or frequency of these Emotions can do harm to both your Health and your Relationships. 

Clearing Toxic Emotions gently brings to Light the underlying Patterns and Emotions that are unconsciously running you so you may find permanent resolution and forgiveness for those you believe harmed you…  yourSelf included! 


What People Are Saying


The first time Denise helped me was with severe pain in my stomach.  Before she even finished the Energy Clearing, the pain was gone and never returned.  The second time she helped me, I could not breathe.  I was worried I was having a heart attack.  Within an hour I could breathe normally again.  The third way she helped – for years I had been getting up 6-7 times a night to go to the bathroom.  Now I get up only 1 to 2 times a night and I know it is because I drink a glass of water before I go to bed.  Denise said she will work on my common sense, next!  I don’t know what she does exactly, but it has worked for me.

Tony Consales, 96 years young      


I had lost my enthusiasm for life and didn’t feel peaceful in my home.  During an Energy Clearing session, Denise was shown that a previous resident was either suicidal or had committed suicide in the home.  This made a lot of sense because of the way I had been feeling and that I was not sleeping well.  After the energies were cleared around the person and their struggle to live, I felt an immediate change in the way I was feeling.  My home feels peaceful now, too. 

SPIRITUAL RESPONSE THERAPY is my favorite healing modality.  I have witnessed profound changes in many lives, including my own.  

Kim Brown, AZ


I was ashamed of the way I felt about my father.  Now, he is in my care and I could not forgive him for the way he treated me during my childhood.  He was cruel and impossible to please and he is the same, today.  I was consumed by resentment and  found myself treating him the way he treated me.  

After working with Denise, I am at peace in my relationship with him, even though he has not changed.  I now feel compassion toward him, even grateful for him exactly as he is.  More importantly, I am at peace with myself.  Healing with my father has had the unexpected benefit of improving my relationships with my husband and my children.  

Sharon P., AZ

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