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   Energy Healing and Introspective Coaching

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Energy Healing and Introspective Coaching

How it Works

Of all the techniques, modalities, and therapies I have experienced and practiced over the years, the two most impactful have proven to be Energy Healing (Clearing) and Introspective Coaching.    

QHA Energy Healing finds and clears the Root Causes and Invisible Blocks that are negatively influencing your relationships, your health, and the quality of your life.  These invisible forces can come from many places such as: your environment; false beliefs and trapped emotions from childhood trauma; ancestral trauma passed down through your DNA; and even trauma from your Soul’s pastWhen the dis-harmonious energies are returned to a state of Divine Neutrality, anything is possible and your Innate ability to heal and transform is restored.  Energy Healing is a more passive process than Coaching in that most of the work (research, clearing, and re-alignment) is done for you under the guidance and healing power of the Infinite Intelligence within.  In its simplicity, the results can sometimes seem miraculous.   

Introspective Coaching™ is for those who wish to go deeper in their understanding and resolve.  Unlike traditional talk therapy, the techniques in the Quantum Heart Alignment™ method allow you to feel deeply and unconditionally heard while getting to the Heart of an issue, quickly and effectively, for rapid transformation.  The goal is to find and repair the underlying, root cause of an issue while providing enough understanding for your mind to surrender to change.  This is done without blame or shame, so you not only find resolve within yourSelf, but Forgiveness for those who caused you harm.  The result is inner peace, appreciation, a sense of freedom from the Past, and renewed enthusiasm about your Life and your Future.   

Together, QHA Energy Healing and Introspective Coaching may offer the most thorough, life-changing transformation inside and out.  

Where to Begin

The best place to begin is with a 30 minute complimentary consultation which will help us determine the best approach for you.  It will also help you to decide if Quantum Heart Alignment™ and I are a good fit for you.

After the consultation most people begin with an Energy Clearing session then follow the guidance of Source within as to what type of session to have next.  

Why begin with an Energy Clearing?  First of all, it’s easy, fun, and really interesting.  It is often described as amazing!  Secondly, it addresses things that are not easily found otherwise, such as Soul-level issues, Ancestral Programs, unconscious Blocks to your healing, and other subtle energies that are unknown yet have a significant impact on your everyday life.  Clearing these energies is like removing a heavy weight you didn’t know was on your shoulders because you had become accustomed to it over time.


My Promise to You

♥  To HONOR your Unique Process and Soul’s Journey

♥  To TRUST the guidance of Infinite Intelligence for the good of all concerned

♥  To hold a SAFE, COMPASSIONATE, JUDGMENT-FREE space for you

Every Part of You  is Welcome here!

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