Dare to Love yourSelf as if you were a rainbow with Gold at both ends!  

                                                                         ∼ Aberjhani  

Healing & Coaching Packages are optional and intended to help you by offering packages of sessions at a reduced rate.    You may also pay the full rate of $225 per single session.  

What’s included in a Healing & Coaching Session? 

 ♥  Pre-Session Assessment – once you submit the information I request before each session, my Intuition begins to connect the dots and map out a Strategy for the session.  

 ♥  The Actual Session is 60 to 90 minutes conducted In Person, Live on Zoom, or on Zoom by Proxy (in which case a recording will be forwarded to you shortly after).  All Sessions are CONFIDENTIAL and will begin at the scheduled time.

 ♥  A Link to a Recording will be provided when a session is held on Zoom.  You may record In Person sessions on your phone. 

 ♥  Post Session Follow Up information is shared via email or recording when applicable.

How it Works 

 ♥  Choose your Package below, then contact me through the CONTACT tab in the Menu to schedule your next appointment.

 ♥  Cancellation / Reschedule / No-show Policy.  Please provide a courteous 24-hour notice to Cancel or Reschedule otherwise it will be considered a No-Show and therefore nonrefundable.

 ♥  Benevolent No-Show Option.  I understand that it is not always possible to provide a 24-hour notice.  You may opt to have a PROXY session for an Energy Clearing where your live participation is not required.  I will do the Clearing at the scheduled time and send you a recording.  In order to take advantage of this option, you must call me no later than the scheduled start time.  

 ♥  Package Balances must be used within 6 months of purchase.  They are non-refundable but may be transferred.  


           Single Session             $225

         3 Sessions @ $641         (save 5%)

       6 Sessions @ $1,215         (save 10%)

   10 Sessions @ $1,980    (save 12%)