Spiritual Response Therapy & Spiritual Restructuring


“When you choose consciously to move toward the energy of your Soul… you invoke the power of the non-physical world.  That is what a Blessing is, the opening of a passageway between you and non-physical guidance.”

                                                                         ∼  Gary Zukav  

Spiritual Response Therapy & Spiritual Restructuring

I believe our Souls are in these particular bodies to learn and to evolve (individually and collectively).  SRT and SpR will not interfere with the enriching experiences and lessons we are here to learn, but what they can do is help to Clear the Discordant Energies that have accumulated over time such as unprocessed Emotions, Vows, Contracts, and the False Belief that we need to suffer in order to learn.  Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring are two powerful systems that work together to Clear and re-Align Energetic Blocks and Imbalances that affect us Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically and cause us to unconsciously replicate the Past.   

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

SRT is an energy technology that provides an exacting, virtually painless way of changing the landscape of your inner and outer life.  By working with a comprehensive library of high-energy charts designed to research the Subconscious Mind and Soul Records (Akasha) we are able to quickly discover and release hidden blocks and interference to your optimal health, happiness, and spiritual growth.  SRT uncovers and clears the Root Cause of the longstanding patterns, programs, and energies that have been preventing you from achieving your fullest potential and well-being.    


Spiritual Response Therapy works in “response” to Intuitive Questions and Intuitive Dowsing that enable us to communicate directly with the Subconscious Mind and Soul Records under the trusted guidance of Source, the Infinite Intelligence within.  Everything that has ever happened to you is stored in the layers of your Consciousness and can be accessed for your greatest good and healing.  Once the unconscious programs and discordant energies are exposed, Source Clears and re-Aligns them with the healing frequency of Love, thus restoring balance, flow, and harmony to your life.  Everything is returned to a state of Divine Neutrality where all things are possible and in support of your Soul’s greatest expansion with more Ease and Grace.   


Issues improved or eliminated with Spiritual Response Therapy:

♥  Dysfunctional Relationship Patternsspecific relationship challenges often originate in a Past Life with this person, something not easily found with other modalities.   

♥  Blocks to Prosperity and Success 

♥  Self Destructive Patterns are most often deeply rooted in the Past; such as Self-Punishment, Unworthiness, Self-Hatred, Self-Sabotage, Loss, Failure, Blocks to Love, Blocks to lasting Weight Loss and other Addictive Patterns

♥  Discordant Energies that can cause interference and manifest as physical dis-ease and emotional distress are released

   Ancestral Family Tree Clearing – clears generations of Negative Imprints, Loyalties, Programs, and Behavioral Patterns

♥  Pets have improved in various ways:  poor appetite, aggressive behavior, excessive barking, melancholy, and dis-ease  

♥  Physical Spaces – negative Energies lingering in your physical spaces can be cleared and returned to a peaceful state (home, office, land, real estate)

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) 

SpR is system designed specifically to bring together the Spiritual and Physical aspects in a Holistic Healing System.  It Clears and Corrects Energies from the Past (including the Soul’s Past) that remain lodged in the body causing imbalances and physical misalignments that can express as pain, weakened immunity,  and dis-ease.  SpR restores your body’s innate ability to balance and repair itself.  Results can be instantaneous, or gradual over time.


Although working with the physical Body, SpR is unique in that the Clearing and Corrections can be done in person and “off the body” or at a distance “remotely” as there is no time or space with Spirit.  The Methods of Kinesiology and Dowsing are used, both of which bypass the Conscious Mind and work directly with the Innate Wisdom of your own body to pinpoint and correct energetic imbalances and misalignments that are curtailing your physical wellbeing.  SpR clears Energy at the Causal level rather than only treating symptoms.  


♥  Body Alignment & Muscle Treatment – adjusts the vertebrae, sacrum, hips, ribs, axis, torqued or jammed joints for freedom of movement and reduced tension.

♥  Nutrition – we can determine what foods to use for supporting your various body systems:  skeletal, nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and so forth.  

♥  Brain-Mind Meld – works with the Soul (the Mind of the body) and the Brain to release discordant programming so they           function together in a state of energetic coherence. 

♥  Emotional and Energetic Release – unprocessed emotions are often a root cause of physical imbalances.  When these             energies are cleared, the body is able to do what it is designed to do, heal and maintain optimal balance.

♥  Balance Organs & Glands – realigns Spiritual Energy to establish vibrational healing of your organs and glands.