What People Are Saying


The first time Denise helped me was with severe pain in my stomach.  Before she even finished the Energy Clearing the pain was gone and hasn’t returned.  The second time she helped me, I could not breathe.  I was worried I was having a heart attack.  Within an hour of the Clearing I could breathe normally again.  The third way she helped – for years I had been getting up 6-7 times a night to go to the bathroom.  Now I get up only 1-2 times, and I know it’s because I drink a glass of water before going to bed.  Denise said she will work on my common sense next!  I don’t know what she does exactly but it has worked for me.

Tony Consales, PA   96 years young     


I had lost my enthusiasm for life and didn’t feel peaceful in my home.  During an Energy Clearing session, Denise was shown that a previous resident was either suicidal or had committed suicide in the home.  This made a lot of sense because of the way I had been feeling and that I was not sleeping well.  After the energies were cleared around the person and their struggle to live, I felt an immediate change in the way I was feeling.  My home feels peaceful now, too. 

Spiritual Response Therapy is my favorite healing modality.  I have witnessed profound changes in many lives, including my own.  

Kim Brown, AZ


I was ashamed of the way I felt about my father.  He is now in my care and I was unable to forgive him for the way he treated me during my childhood.  He was cruel and impossible to please and he is the same, today.  I was consumed by resentment and found myself treating him the way he treated me.  

After working with Denise, I am at peace in my relationship with him, even though he has not changed.  I now feel compassion toward him, even grateful for him exactly as he is.  More important, though, I am at peace with myself.  Healing this with my father has had the unexpected benefit of improving my relationships with my husband and children.

Sharon P., AZ

Denise has given me back my future!  

I have seldom encountered in therapists and coaches Denise’s depth of vision and understanding of psychology.  Her gentleness and wisdom made it easy for me to trust her and open up to specific aspects of myself that were overlooked by other counselors.

I felt safe and nurtured in her presence, especially the vulnerable parts of myself that I thought were ugly and bad… the sad, angry, disowned parts of myself that have been blocking me for decades.  She helped me to uncover the deeper purpose beneath the blocks that were driving my sabotaging behavior.

Denise has given me back my future!  I had lost hope of truly experiencing what I want in life and now I know I can actually have it.

I highly recommend Denise to anyone looking to dissolve their long-standing internal blockages so you are free to live your life consciously and confidently!

Elizabeth Sabet, PCC, ACSLC

Founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformation and Transpersonal Coaching in Texas

Years of therapy and coaching did not ease the pain I felt with my mother  

Mother-Daughter relationships can be challenging for many.  Over time, I have experienced a conflicted relationship with my mother.  My growing up situation was complex and it seemed we were never able to be close, even after I left home. 

I have spent many years working to resolve this relationship on a personal level because my mother is no longer living.  Therapy, forgiveness exercises, journaling, and letting-go processes… they all put me in touch with the issues, but nothing really seemed to ease the pain of not having had a happier relationship with my mother.  

I worked with Denise one afternoon doing an Energy Clearing session and the result was amazing!  Within a day or two, when I thought of my mother, I realized that I wasn’t mad at her anymore.  I could feel that the pain of this difficult relationship was no longer a problem. 

Since this session a few months ago, I feel a sense of completion, freedom, and peace in my life as a result of this profound release!  Thank you, Denise! 

Suzanne Jenne

Artist, Past Life Regressions

26-year old Non-speaking Autistic  

Thank you for the Energy Clearing, especially where it concerned my 26-year old, non-speaking autistic son, Quinn.  As you know, he began having frequent toileting accidents and was also quite disagreeable following a week-long camp stay.  I felt helpless because I knew something had happened that he was unable to communicate to me.   The Clearing session revealed that he had felt shamed and emotionally violated by someoneAfter your lovely Clearing he had far less accidents and regained a much sunnier disposition.  Your Energy Clearing really helped!

Much Love,


Stacey Kirkland, AZ

No more Fear – Dream Trip to Africa Comes True  

For much of my adult life I dreamed of going to Africa but was afraid and could not understand why.  When I had the first energy clearing with Denise, I had not shared this with her.  During the session we were shown a lifetime where I was violently killed by my own tribe, in Africa!  Not only that, but I was harmed in a very specific and unusual way.  I’ve also had a lifelong fear of being harmed in that particular way.  Whether past lifetimes are real or not, the detailed information was coming from somewhere and it helped me to let go of my deep-seated fears that prevented me from doing something I really wanted to doAfter the clearing I felt free and at peace.  I’m excited to share that I recently returned from a two-week African Safari and I had the most wonderful time. 

Denise, I am still amazed at how much this clearing has impacted my life.  I got over my Africa fear and thanks to you several other unexplained issues in my life were resolved.  That was the most amazing outcome!  

Jill DiMauro, AZ

Property Clearing for my Home (Remote Clearing)

While I listened to the recording, I could feel myself feeling better and better… more relaxed and peaceful.  Then last night as I opened some of my windows, this radiant pink light was coming in and reflecting off the wall.  I looked around and felt at peace, thinking this is my space and I don’t need to go anywhere!  This morning when I woke up, I felt normal again, like I can simply handle my day without overwhelm or drama, or angst about finding a new place to live because I did not like the way I felt here.  I love this place now.  This is my oasis!

There is a part of me that used to think this energy stuff was BS, seriously.  But now I realize this isn’t BS at all.  It makes perfect sense that the land would hold trauma and earthbound spirits from the battles and conflict on it, especially in this part of the country.  Who knows what was happening with the workers while the place was under construction.  And the trauma from the people who lived here before me, including depression and sickness… one can only imagine!  It’s all energy, and if our own emotions and trauma can be stored in the body, of course it could be ‘left behind’ by others and we could be at the effect of all of it.  So, thank you for re-opening my mind.  I feel the difference in my space, it is palpable!   

B. D., New Jersey

Released HEART WALL*   

I felt lighter and more peaceful after the first session, but after the third session, I feel like a new person.  My heart used to literally hurt.  People are telling me that I am kinder, less defensive, and nice to be with.  I notice more flow in my life, too.  Maybe it’s that I’m more receptive to the good in my life now because I feel more worthy of it.  It’s really amazing to me that releasing a “Heart Wall” that closed off my heart could make such a noticeable difference in my life in such a short time.  God bless you, Denise.  I’m so grateful.

* According to Dr. Bradley Nelsen, a Heart Wall forms when painful emotions are not resolved and get trapped in the body.  In this case, trapped around the Heart in an unconscious attempt to protect oneself from emotional pain (heartache).  

Linda M. C.


Denise helped me to find peace with a “part” of myself that was causing me to regain weight every time I became thin.  I learned that having the extra weight made it possible for me to say “no” when I could not say it on my own for fear of disappointing others and losing their love and approval.  Saying “no” caused me great distress.  I also felt immense shame about being overweight, so much so that I had no choice but to say ‘no’ at times when I really wanted to say ‘yes’.  It was a no-win situation for me.  I see now that this Part of myself was trying to help me set some boundaries by causing me to gain weight because I felt unsafe.  I was not able to see this about myself on my own.  It is much easier for me now to say “no” when I need to, and “yes” when I really want to.  I believe I will be able to keep my weight at a healthier level without shutting out the love I really want.  Working with Denise has changed my life completely!

Cathy N., TX


I’ve had a gnawing pain in my stomach for almost 25 years.  Although I was unable to get a clear diagnosis, I tried every natural treatment available including a pure diet, supplements, remedies, physical adjustments, etc. and found no relief.  It required several Energy Clearings and a few techniques from the QHA Introspective Coaching…  I’m not sure exactly when the pain stopped, but one night while lying in bed, I noticed that there was no burning or pain in my gut, and I slept through the night.  This was a first!  

It’s been a couple of years now and I have not since experienced this discomfort in my stomach.  

Denise deLorean, AZ


After months of therapy, I reached out to Denise to help me with an extremely stressful relationship I was having with my boss.  I lived in fear of being fired every day.  Denise helped me to recognize that this relationship was a “copy” of a relationship I had with a particular teacher early in grade school.  I tried and tried but failed to gain her favor and she often shamed me in front of the entire class.  I was afraid of her.  After becoming aware of this fearful aspect of myself and the ‘butt kisser‘ I became as a result, Denise helped me to first feel compassion for this part of myself and to see how wise she really was in her strategy to protect me.  I am learning to give myself the recognition this younger me craved, and I no longer have the need to seek it from others (as much!).  Shortly after this shift my boss began to treat me differently.  She is kinder and acknowledges my contributions and skill.  I know it is because she now sees my value as I have begun to see it myself.  It’s hard to believe that a single healing session could help me release something that has been upsetting me for years.  I’m amazed, actually!

Rhonda,  FL


We were blessed with six baby ducklings this year and it was time to move them from the swimming pool to the local pond.  Everything went smoothly… except!  The mother duck did not follow us to the pond and never seemed to find the babies.  Four of the five survived by latching onto a mother duck that recently had two ducklings of her own.  All was well, except for one duckling the mother rejected for some reason.  She not only rejected it but was violent and tried drowning it when it would get too close.  

After two Clearings around the apparent trauma and the unknown reasons the duckling was rejected, the surrogate mother accepted it… and everyone lived happily ever after.  

K. L., AZ