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An Evolutionary Method of Self Love and Healing. Rediscover the Beauty within the Masterpiece of your own Life and Self!

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Is your True Self trapped in the Bell Tower of your Past?

Your Heart holds the Key 

Why, and What is keeping it stuck there?  I affectionately refer to the answer to these questions as your Inner Quasimodo… the imperfect, unlovable, sometimes annoying Parts of yourSelf you’ve been judging, hiding, and blaming for holding you back and interfering with the life you dream about – loving relationships, a healthy body, and fulfillment through a meaningful, joyful life.

The truth is, your Inner Quasi (Quasi-identity) is exactly as you designed it to be, and you created it with brilliant purpose… to protect yourSelf so you will survive.  Think of it now, though, as a Divine Messenger hoping you will see beyond appearances and accept its Gift – the key it is holding close to your Heart, waiting for you to set yourSelf free and evolve beyond the longstanding hurts, regrets, and Energetic Entanglements to your Past that will only continue to suppress your quality of life.   

There may be no better time than now to turn the Key, open your Heart, and liberate your Inner Quasi!  If you’re ready to exit the shadows of the Bell Tower and enter the Light of your Inner Sanctuary, Welcome Home… to your True Self (Quantum-Identity).  My name is Denise deLorean, I help consciously evolving Souls to open their Heart, heal their multi-dimensional Past, and re-align with the elegance and grace of their True Self so they may re-discover the Beauty and Purpose within the Parts of themselves they would prefer to cancel.    

Decades of my life were consumed by fixing and hiding the Ugly... the heartbroken monster within that held me captive in the Bell Tower of a painful Past in relentless pursuit of becoming enough – good enough, thin enough, successful enough, lovable enough… Perfect! before the Light went on and I was finally able to see the Beauty and Perfection within the Masterpiece of my own Life and Self.   

 . . . and the Heart Closes  

Paraphrasing Stephen A. Hoeller, “A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injury… the treasure [pearl] of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life”.  All of us have been injured to some degree, and because Injury is defined through the eyes and perception of the one that experienced it, a seemingly small injury can have lasting, momentous impact.  Moments of trauma, big and small, created the very fibers that formed our Quasi-identity.  It’s up to each of us to uncover the Pearls and to see the Beauty within them.  Part of that Beauty is that whatever is showing up in your life in the Present has come to Light so you can see it because it is ready to heal.  

As multi-dimensional Beings with a multi-dimensional Past, things can get very interesting.  In addition to our unique personal experiences – beginning in the womb, through the birthing process, and continuing from infancy to present time – science has proven that we inherit Trauma Programs from our ancestors.  The Energetic Imprints from the emotional trauma they experienced (which formed their Quasi-identity) were passed on to us via our DNA (which contributed to our Identity).  And it gets even more interesting than that!   We are Spiritual Beings with a body having a Human experience, right?  Your Soul, as part of Its identity, carries with it unresolved energies from Its past which are influencing your life today in both subtle and profound ways.  

As you can see, there is a lot of Past contributing to your Present (pearl).  The good news is, although everything may be rooted in Past experiences healing occurs in Quantum time, so it isn’t necessary to re-live everything in order to heal it.  When re-viewed from an elevated perspective, your unique Past can serve as a sacred portal into your Subconscious Mind and your Akashic (Soul) Records.  This is where everything Past-Present-Potential Future can be accessed for your highest learning and healing, so you are no longer living un-consciously from the Past and re-creating more of what you have been consciously trying to change.  

Re-Open your Heart  

You cannot be the Light and hold any Part of yourSelf in Darkness.  The brightest, most beautiful Parts of yourSelf may very well be the Parts you have locked away and hidden because you mistakenly concluded they are bad or flawed.  Again, your Inner Quasi is exactly as you designed it to be in order to meet your most fundamental needs – to protect and comfort you, get the love you need, and keep you alive.  What makes it challenging at times is that It was designed by both the immature mind of an innocent Child, and a wise Soul with a very grand mission.  Both, on some level of consciousness, contributed to the injuries that are eager to become the Pearls that will adorn your life once brought to Light.  

Whether your Pearls-to-be radiate through your life in your relationships, or as chronic pain and illness, struggle, lack, or something else, their intention is to bring you back to the Heart of the relationship you are having with, and within yourSelf.  Everything else is an external reflection and projection of that.        “The World is as you are.”   Maharishi 

The more Love you are able to bring to the Parts of yourSelf and the things that don’t align for you, the sooner these things will no longer be part of your experience.  You are setting yourSelf free to live beyond your wounds and reclaim the Parts of yourSelf you unintentionally left behind.  When you consciously embody this, profound healing on all levels and in all areas of your Life is possible.      

The Master Key 

Forgiveness isn’t a matter of Guilt or Innocence, it’s the result of finding Peace within yourSelf about what you perceive and believe happened”    ∼ Denise deLorean

Forgiveness (Presence) is the Master Key that will open your Heart and let in the Light so you can see a greater Truth.  When you are in alignment with your True Self it can happen in an instant, and it can sometimes require time.  Either way, Forgiveness is a byproduct of your own healing – healing your inner trauma, finding the Pearls in what has happened, liberating yourSelf from the shadows of the Past, and entering the Light where you can see yourSelf and others through the unconditional eyes of your True Self.  

Isn’t it time to turn the Key and give yourSelf the Love you Deserve?

Your True Self  is Waiting!

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